Performance artist Elia Arce conducts an investigation of space, movement through it and the claiming of one's own. Through the use of her body, language, sound and visual images, Ms. Arce leads us through a series of places both physical and emotional, from the dark, lush jungles of her Costa Rican roots to the barren, lunar landscape of her adopted desert home.
Ms. Arce's nomadic journey to the center of the self is met with obstacles at every stop along the way, until she claims the space that she can put a fence around and call her own.
Produced by Devora Winski and Nomadhouse, FIRST WOMAN ON THE MOON is made possible by the City of Santa Monica Co/Arts Grant Program, a project of the Santa Monica Arts Commission, the Durfee Foundation and Highways Performance Space. FIRST WOMAN ON THE MOON was performed as a work in progress at Highways in Santa Monica and at Desviaciones Festival in Madrid.